Nutrition: The Power and Balance Nutrition guidance satisfies the palate and energizes the body.

Power and Balance Fitness (PBF) nutrition is comprised of a broad selection of delicious nutrient-dense whole and AWOL Nutrition superfoods Stephanie calls EGO FuelTM (Energize and Go). PBF believes and practices a very delicious and satisfying way to enjoy healthy foods. PBF has spent years in the kitchen testing to develop the perfect complement of satiating meals that burn fat, accelerate metabolism, balance hormones, and improve digestion. PBF integrates meal planning and healthy recipes with smart shopping tips and trips and cooking classes.  Along with cooking demos and workshops for clients’ optimum health and fitness. PBF does not promote processed and artificial foods as a sustainable, or viable approach to health and wellness.

PBF provides proven nutrition guidance, mouthwatering recipes, and a sustainable fat-burning diet for long-lasting results. The PBF nutrition and lifestyle training teaches eating habits which Josef and Stephanie practice daily to live the benefits of lean muscle and increased energy. Energize and Go (E.GO Fuel) with PBF and satisfy your cravings through healthy meals and snacks that are crazy delicious!

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