Power and Balance Fitness (PBF) is committed to health, fitness and proper nutrition.

Power and Balance PhilosophyWe offer on-site fitness and nutrition training for any fitness level. PBF is a partnership established on the principles of quality nutrition and proper training as A Way of Life.  The PBF team has a combined 25 years of experience coaching nutrition and goal-specific training. We inspire all our clients to go A*W*O*L*.Make health and fitness A Way of Life.

PBF’s nutrition principles: PBF believe delicious whole foods can optimize the metabolic process of burning fat and building muscle. Our clients have greatly benefited from Stephanie’s nutrition education, meal planning, smart shopping trips, recipes and cooking classes. Stephanie is a former New York Chef turned fitness enthusiast who practices her belief in nutrient-dense foods that power the body and mind for optimum performance. Stephanie knows that the path to sustainable results begins with proper nutrition. Call today to schedule a confidential nutrition and lifestyle consultation with an expert in getting results. PBF’s training methods: PBF live by the methods we teach. Josef and Stephanie both utilize the training methods they teach their clients which has gotten each of them amazing results. Josef is a nationally certified trainer that continues to vigorously pursue education on current training methods that burn fat and build muscle. Josef stays up-to-date on the science of exercise physiology, biomechanics, performance training, and injury prevention. Fusion F.I.T. levels 1-5 and M.A.X.60 are two programs Josef has designed with great success for many clients. Each program combines fat loss techniques with muscle-building skills for optimum health and performance.
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  • Fusion F.I.T. (Functional Integrated Training) level 1-5 is a movement-based training program that combines Kettlebells with Bodyweight Suspension exercises for a 45-minute efficient and effective workout. Each session features core-strengthening movements, aerobic exercise for fat loss, and resistance training for strength. Fusion F.I.T. progresses according to fitness level and skill acquisition. Beginners to Elite Athletes will decrease body fat, increase strength, power and endurance with our Fusion F.I.T. program.
  • M.A.X.60 (Metabolic Acceleration Exercise) is a resistance-training program that combines HIIT with classic body building movements to increase metabolic effect (caloric expenditure). M.A.X.60 is a scalable program for any fitness level and is much more than classic body building. The exercises are formatted in circuits, supersets and complexes to train the body holistically. The M.A.X.60 method trains the body to work synergistically against an external resistance in various planes of motion at various intensities. This program is designed to enhance activities of daily living and sports performance.

Power and Balance Fitness is a results-driven partnership that use proven methods to combine healthy and delicious nutrition with holistic training for an optimum performance lifestyle and sustainable results. Make a healthy choice today. Call to schedule an exclusive fitness or nutrition One-on-One.