Nut-Nola is a CRAZY DELICIOUS gluten-free, grain-free, granola-like, satisfying cereal, snack. No fillers of any kind only organic, sprouted and activated, low-temperature dried nuts and seeds! For crazy delicious energy and bioavailable vitamins and minerals! Energize and GO…E.GO Fuel!



A few years ago clients asked me…What to do? What to eat? What is there on store shelves to buy as an alternative to their gluten-based cereals, snacks and bars?

Their choices available in stores contain processed grains, high sugar content, chemically processed oils, soy and milk products.

Good point I said! So I went into my kitchen and went to work to create the alternative. After a few fits and starts Nut-Nola was ready to debut. Clients were WOWED by the taste and were reordering as soon as they finished their jars (and continue to do

While many clients were enjoying the Nut-Nola there was one client who was not very WOWED at all because she had a nut allergy and could not eat the Nut-Nola.

Another good point!

A few weeks later I came back to her with samples of Seed-Nola — containing no nuts at all — and this client as many others,

who don’t even have nut allergies, LOVE Seed-Nola.

Nut-Nola and Seed-Nola soon took on a life of their own. Demand scaled up and so did supply. Today these two unique products are created in a bakery in Herndon, Virginia using the integrity and quality we hold high.

To date I cannot find another product on the shelves like it and customers are coming up with new ways to use their Nut-Nola and Seed-Nola!

Additional information

Weight 2 lbs
1. Low Sugar

3 grams, sources: organic grade A maple syrup, blueberries, goji berries or figs

2. Low sodium ­

source: Fleur de Sel provides trace minerals

3. Low carbs

(see #1) reduces blood sugar spikes and crashes

4. Plant­based protein

from organic nuts and seeds

5. Plant­based fiber

curbs hunger, slow­release of nutrients for long­lasting fuel

6. Pure organic coconut oil

provides medium chain triglycerides (MTCs), caprylic acid for brain and body health, minimizing insulin release and improve ability to burn fat

7. Cinnamon

known to help balance blood sugar and for its anti­microbial effects

8. Minerals and vitamins

Real­food source of bioavailable and essential minerals and vitamins

9. Organic ingredients pesticide­free
10. Glass jar

won’t leak endocrine disruptors the way plastic do and can be reused and recycled

11. Soaked in purified water

11. Nuts and seeds soaked in purified (reverse osmosis) water and sea salt to release nutrients and improve bioavailability of their nutrients

12. Delicious and healthful

alternative to grain­based, gluten­based cereals and snacks ­ no oatmeal fillers or fillers of any kind ­­ all pure food, pure energy!



14. No Grains

including corn and oats

15. No Gluten
16. No GMOs
16. No High­Fructose Corn Syrup
17. No Fructose
18. No Trans Fats
19. No Chemically Processed Oils
20. No Cholesterol
21. No Soy
22. No Dairy
23. No Hormone­altering chemicals

as outlined by the Environmental Working Group (EWG)

24. No Chemical Additives


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