Training : Functional Strength Training

Power and Balance Fitness is committed to proven training methods that burn fat, build muscle, increase energy, and endurance. Power and Balance Fitness adheres to proven weight loss and strength training methods. Functional Strength Training and Metabolic Resistance Training are two results based methods our clients enjoy. Power and Balance Fitness integrates functional strength training and metabolic resistance training with balanced weight loss guidance tailored to individual needs. Our proprietary programs Fusion F.I.T and M.A.X 60 are coached from years of experience and consistent work to design quality training that’s safe, effective and sustainable.

Fusion F.I.T. (Functional Integrated Training) is a beginner to intermediate 90 day training program. Each 30 minute session uses a variety of equipment and movements for maximum calorie expenditure. The focus of Fusion F.I.T. is to increase weight loss, improve core stability, and build strength. Fusion F.I.T. is scalable to any fitness level with emphasis on fundamental movement principles for safe, effective and sustainable results.

M.A.X.60 (Metabolic Acceleration Xercise) is an advanced level 90 day training program that burns fat and build muscle. M.A.X 60 is a fun and exciting mentally and physically challenging program designed to increase athletic performance. Each 45 minute session combines 15-minutes of High Intensity Interval Training with 30-minutes of strength training for maximum metabolic effect. The 45-minute sessions are formatted using circuits, supersets, and complexes to increase post exercise calorie burn.

Looking for a chiseled physique? A strong core? Improved posture? More strength and Endurance? Fusion F.I.T and M.A.X 60 are fun and exciting efficient and effective training programs for any fitness level.  Get started today with Power and Balance Fitness!