Our Mission

  • Educate and empower for optimal health using E.GO FUEL (Energize and Go!) and Fusion F.I.T. (Functional      Integrated Training)

Our Goal

  • Establish sustainable health and wellness habits  as A Way Of Life (A*W*O*L*) for each client.

Company Description

Power & Balance Fitness and Nutrition is a Health and Wellness company. We provide comprehensive nutrition and lifestyle guidance for optimal health and wellness as A Way Of Life. Our specialized programs are:

  • E.GO Fuel (Energize and GO!) Nutrition Training
  • Fusion F.I.T. (Functional Integrated Training).

E.GO Fuel (Energize and Go!) and Fusion F.I.T. (Functional Integrated Training) are powerful coaching tools that support proper body composition and performance. We emphasis low-carb, nutrient-dense, whole foods and performance based exercise to enhance health and wellness. E.GO Fuel is more than a prescribed diet. We utilize best practice methods from evidence based research on Low Carb Healthy Fats foods as a primary energy source. Our clients find elusive results with the comprehensive teaching E.GO Fuel as A Way Of Life provides. Fusion F.I.T is the ideal complement to proper nutrition. Muscular strength and endurance, flexibility, and performance of daily task is the goal of Fusion F.I.T. Together these two programs accomplish amazing results, and a lifestyle of Health and Wellness.

Start today. Make health and wellness A Way Of Life! 703-304-3822